New Blog, hu dis?

Hello there, and welcome to Wanjiku Mwaurah’s corner of the internet.

Over a decade ago, I was blogging anonymously. I would do it in the middle of the night and I loved it! That was until I lost my website from a hosting service I was using. I took a break and somehow lost my writing voice. I couldn’t write for pleasure anymore, and my writing voice quivered each time I sat in front of my computer. But at the turn of this decade of my life, I am back with the same excitement I started. Not only do I blog here, but I also have a professional portfolio over at my website .

Since my first blogging experience, I have evolved fro just poetry, my first love. I now do prose, musings in the middle of the night and journalistic analysis of stories I find fascinating. I invite you to take the journey with me.

I would love to connect with lovers of life. Come, let’s dream away together. Let’s ask questions about things that seem obvious but are not. Most importantly, I would love to connect with those who have similar or different experiences on the things I share.

Welcome to my world.

First published November 25, 2019


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