Black Womxn Empowerment Day in Frankfurt

The month of July ended on an absolute high as black women from all over Germany met in Frankfurt for an empowerment session.

Black Womxn Empowerment Day – Frankfurt 2021

I traveled about 3 hours from Bonn to Frankfurt just for this event. And I was not the only one. I met Cynthia who came from Stuggart and Dorcas who came from Heidelberg. I met Melanie from Munich and Rose from Berlin. And I can tell you it was worth every minute of the long journey. The vibe was simply magical. There were beautiful womxn dressed in vibrant colors and wearing bright smiles. There were children too playing on the side. A detail that made the event so special; the organizer offered child care for children as young as two years old. 

The sold-out event was organized by Sunshine Goldenchild, who describes herself as an author, speaker and womansworker. And true to her words, being at the event showed just how much inspiration she brought to everyone present.

Sunshine and her team ensured that all hygiene measures were in place. Starting with the Rebstock Park location, to prior online registration and a requirement of a negative test of vaccine certificate. As I was registering, I saw two people being sent back for the Corona test. Luckily there are test centers everywhere, and they were back before the event started.

The line up was so good one wished the event was a whole day. I attended the event lead by Rose Kapuya on ‘Mental health in our community.’ Rose is one of the few black therapists in Germany. Her session was mind-opening. She led us through an exercise that reminded us how solidarity in our daily lives should feel and look. And after a year of limited human contact, the reminder came at the right time. You should check out Rose Kapuya and her work within the Black community

There were other sessions I would have loved to attend if it were possible. Starting with Sunshine Goldenchild’s ‘Self love Journaling Workshop’. I was keen on this because there is so much power and healing in the written word. I would have loved to hear her experience and learn from it too.

Lucid.Sensualista also led a Divine Feminity and Yoni health workshop. I would have loved to follow this workshop and connect over divine femininity. As a career woman, I think it is essential to live an authentic life. But the job market is cutthroat, and many women adapt to more masculine characteristics to move ahead or, at the minimum, be noticed. So Lusyd’s workshop would have been a great reminder to embrace my divine femininity. What about the yoni, well you know everything revolves around that, right? So of course, for that too.

There was also a session for; the entrepreneurial woman, who wants to learn how to care for herhair. Sessions for the yoga loving woman and of course, the woman caught at the intersection of black girl magic and the strong black woman.

As with any good event, there was food! Claudia’s Taste provided Nigerian food. She understood the assignment and delivered! I had the mixed jollof rice with chicken and plantain. I highly recommend her if you are ever in Frankfurt.

The next time you are scrolling social media and see an event that looks interesting. Then, follow your gut and when you can afford it, plan to attend. The Frankfurt 2021 Black Womxn Empowerment day will remain a highlight of the year.


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